Wednesday , 30 September 2020

Director Desk

md desk Rakesh kumarDear Students,
You have enrolled yourself with ‘BCC’ for the preparation of various IIT-JEE/Engg. & medical entrance examinations. We join you in your noble choice & promise to help you in your endeavor for the achievement of your goal. Remember in any scheme of fruitful attempt for the competitive examinations, the dynamic organization of various inputs from faculty to facts, from material to methodology, from motivation to maverick adventurism, from subtle hammering to satiation cannot be ignored.Today, we recognize that complex problem solving skills are not automatically acquired. They must be taught. And sincemodern competitive education stresses the generalized carryover of processes rather facts in learning, attention is increasingly being focused upon the development of good study (learning) procedure by the students. We at the ‘BCC’ are aware of the potential value of testing as a means of guiding the student into correct study habits. The in built highly proficient system of examinations developed by ‘BCC’ has proved to be very potent. In the end, I assure you that ‘BCC’ will continue to identify the efficacious & potential strength in you & help as best the flowering of dormant genius in you.       Competitively Yours,

Mr. Rakesh Kumar Bansal (Director)

Bansal Coaching Centre

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